50 Cent Partners With Eli Roth, 3BlackDot For Three-Pic Deal

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By Greg Evans | Deadline

Producer and recording artist Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is partnering with Eli Roth and entertainment studio 3BlackDot for a three-picture feature film deal. The deal expands Power player Jackson’s G-Unit Film & Television in the horror film space.

Jackson’s G-Unit will team with the Arts District Entertainment, Roth’s banner with Roger Birnbaum and Michael Besman. The deal, according to G-Unit and 3-BlackDot, involves an “8-figure investment in 50 Cent and G-Unit Film & Television from 3BlackDot.” The latter will act as financier and studio across all the films.

The three entities will collaborate on each film, while utilizing 3Blackdot’s in-house resources in gaming, publishing, and merchandise to build out entertainment properties. A statement announcing the deal says the film IP will be leveraged using Jackson, Roth and 3Blackdot “to platform into a 360-degree experience across video games, publishing and merchandise.”

“The newly formed film partnership is predicated on producing diverse and innovative world-building genre films that feel like ground-breaking events with global reach for horror enthusiasts,” according to the announcement.

Director and producer Roth’s credits include Cabin Fever, Hostel and Hemlock Grove. He’s a founder of Crypt TV, and his next movie is the upcoming Borderlands for Lionsgate.

Arts District was formed by Roth; Roger Birnbaum, producer and former Co-Chairman of MGM and Spyglass Entertainment; and veteran producer and executive Michael Besman.
The idea for the joint slate came from Jackson, Roth, and James Frey, who oversees all creative development and production for 3BlackDot.

“Eli, James, Roger, Michael, and 3BlackDot will be great partners in G-Unit Film and Television’s takeover of the horror genre,” Jackson said in a statement. “I can’t wait to show the world what we’re building.”

Producing for the three companies will be Jackson and Anil Kurian for G-Unit Film & Television, Roth, Birnbaum and Besman for Arts District, and Frey, Reginald Cash, Mitchell Smith, and Zennen Clifton for 3Blackdot with Mat Laibowitz, 3BD’s Head of Content Innovation, spearheading the ancillary.

“I am so excited about collaborating with 50 Cent, James Frey and the whole team at G-Unit, 3BlackDot, and the incredible producorial team at Arts District of Roger Birnbaum and Michael Besman,” said Roth. “Both 50 and James have never shied away from controversial, boundary-pushing material and have made massive global cultural impacts from their raw creative energy. We want to bring that same fun and danger to this new fantastic slate of elevated scary films. We want to make the movies others are too afraid to make.”

Added Frey, “50 and Eli are both great friends of mine, great collaborators, and both real visionaries. I can’t wait for all the fun we’re going to have together.” Cash said, “Curtis has an unparalleled track record for infusing entertainment into the cultural zeitgeist. With G-Unit Films, we will reimagine horror through the lens of the urban experience and extend storytelling in new and innovative ways.”

Jackson is represented by APA and attorneys Eric Feig and Stephen Savva.