Director: Chris Blake

Writer(s): Chris Blake, Jason Hill

Starring: Andy Buckley, Sarah Butler, John Schuck, Sam Jones III, Katie Garfield, Alexandra Harris, Bill Billions, Kate Kilcoyne, James J. Fuertes, Ted Welch, Iain Tucker, Aaron Munoz, Ashley Pereira, Graham Outerbridge, Rich Redmond, Briana Tedesco, Michael James Thomas

Synopsis: When a capricious young author hiding a dark secret returns home for her brother’s graduation, she finds herself haunted by the past and tormented by grimly night terrors.

Release Date: May 9, 2018. (USA) | Length: 84 min | Genre: Horror, Thriller | MPAA Rating: TV-MA

Note: Premiered at the Nash Indie Film Festival in Hermitage, TN. US theatrical premiere was suppose to be in November of 2018 but the date was missed.



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