Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes (1974)

Director: Bill Brame

Writer(s): Howard Ransom, Elizabeth Ransom, Fredricka DeCosta

Starring: Frank DeKova, Paul Harris, Frances E. Williams, Reginald Farmer, Don Edmondson, Larry Greene, Ernie Lee Banks, Karmello Brooks, Henry G. Sanders, Pat Edwards, Terry Ransom, Curtis Price, Onezene ‘Ben’ Geyen, Ronald Ransom, Cal Wilson, Luke Walker, Don Thompson, James T. Jackson, Morris Wade, Tobar Mayo, Minnie Summers Lindsey, Billy Kerr, John Goodwin, Robert Wiley, O’Brien Stevens, Ernest Williams II, Pamela Corbett, Don Parrish, Bunny Gee, Larry French, Jay Brooks, Lester Matthews, Bill Temple, Hicklin Walker, Gwen Stokes, Ishmael Chase, Irene Stokes, Teri Hayden, Joe Carlo, Chuck Tooley, Nate Hardman, Leroy Herron, Harold C. Jones, Risa Portor, Cardella Di Milo, Joan Turner, Robert McNiely, Bobby Williams, Rodney Mitchell, John Willard, Joan Geyen, Carol Lima, Gladys Rabbs, Mary Reed, Helena Hollins, Tony Ransom, Timothy Ransom, Kim Ransom, Troy Farmer, Bobby Ransom, Ricky Ransom, Michael Hereford, Ronnie Ransom, Peggy Ransom, John Abramson

Synopsis: It’s a turf battle over the mean streets of Harlem between Italian mobsters and the black hoodlums living in the neighborhood run by “Big Tony” (Frank DeKove). The fighting becomes intense as each side tries to push the other out, with both groups bringing in their best hit men. Watch for a brutal transvestite mobster who kills with her high-heeled shoes.

Release Date: November 1974 (USA) | Length: 86 min | Genre: Crime, Thriller | Certificate: R

Note: Also known as “Jive Turkey”. There are some people I couldn’t identify because they had generic character names and this was their only role. IMDB credits the wrong Lester Matthews with playing the role of Mr. McDonald. Having trouble identifying James T. Jackson (Raphael). When Pasha says he’d hungry, Mama Lottie calls Raphael to make him something to eat. He answers, but you never see his face. When Pasha leaves and gets in his car, he tells the driver to drop Raphael off somewhere but only Pasha, Jimmy and Willie (the driver) are in the car. When they get to the meeting spot, there is a cook there but his name is not mentioned. A few minutes later a man enters and Pasha calls him Raphael but you only see his back. When the scene moves to another camera angle, that man is not in the room.