Bare Essence (1982)

Director: Walter Grauman

Writer(s): Robert Hamilton; Meredith Rich (book)

Starring: Bruce Boxleitner, Linda Evans, Genie Francis, Lee Grant, Joel Higgins, Donna Mills, Frank M. Benard, John Dehner, Jonathan Frakes, Susan French, Belinda Montgomery, Tim Thomerson, Wendy Fulton, John Larroquette, Maurice Marsac, Maidie Norman, Lena Pousette, Morgan Stevens, Frances Bergen, Ken Hixon, Byron Morrow, Jim Negele, Martin Rabbett, Corinne Bohrer, Donald Craig, Virginia Dale, Don Dolan, Eliza Roberts, Gloria Lynne Henry, Anita Jodelsohn, Joanne Morgan, Brian O’Brien, Elizabeth Robinson, Lynn Philip Seibel, June Whitley Taylor, Michael Joseph Steele, Garth Wilton

Synopsis: A T.V. show along the lines of a soap opera which centers on one young woman, Tiger Hayes, as she starts up a perfume company. The usual soap plots of adultery, romance, corruption, and greed abound.

Release Date: October 4, 1982 (USA) | Length: 212 min | Genre: Drama | Certificate: NR

Part I | Part II


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