Missing Trailer

Director: John Sturges

Writer(s): Edward Huebsch, Mark Twain

Starring: Edgar Buchanan, Anna Lee, Robert Shayne, Gary Gray, Hobart Cavanaugh, Stanley Andrews, George Lynn, Billy Sheffield, Marietta Canty, Paul E. Burns, George Chesebro, Robert B. Churchill, Chester Clute, Tom Coffey, Earle S. Dewey, Jerry Franks Jr., Jack Gargan, Rodney Hildebrand, Thomas E. Jackson, Si Jenks, Al Kunde, Norman Leavitt, Ralph Littlefield, Louis Mason, Mantan Moreland, Joseph C. Narcisse, Pat O’Malley, Vester Pegg, Jack Perrin, Ralph Peters, ‘Snub’ Pollard, William Sundholm, Al Thompson, John Tyrrell, Emmett Vogan

Synopsis: Jim Smiley has a frog that can jump further than anyone else’s frog, and Jim becomes obsessed with entering the frog in all of the local jumping-frog contests, not realizing that his obsession is about to cost him his marriage.

Release Date: May 6, 1948 (USA) | Length: 78 min | Genre: Drama | Certificate: Unknown

Note: There are other black people seen on the dock but they are uncredited and don’t have speaking lines. Missing trailer.


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