Blackjack Christmas (2022)

Family, Holiday, Made for TV

Director: Victoria Rowell

Writer(s): Mezan Ayoka, Victoria Rowell

Starring: Dawnn Lewis, Adam Lazarre-White, Charmin Lee, Leigh-Ann Rose, Carlo Mendez, Kiki Shepard, Kyrie Mcalpin, Etienne Maurice, Susannah Nixon, Jennifer Marie, Fae A. Ellington, Marie Kelli, J.R. Ritcherson, Graham Denman, Amber Dancy, James Bumatai, Oliver Samuels, Kibwe Lawrence, Paula Hurlock, Anwar Molani, Sattayah Chang, Kai Chang, Emily Norovsambuu, Leslie Harvey, Paul Haughton, Kathrine Johnson, Janine Uyanga, Travis Brown, Daycia Webley, Gonzalo Guierrez

Synopsis: A story of two sisters – one who migrated to and built a nice life in the US, while the other stayed behind in their native Jamaica. When addiction threatens to tear the family apart.

Release Date: December 15, 2022 (USA) | Length: Unknown | Genre: Family, Holiday | MPAA Rating: Unknown | Note(s): Kimala Bennett, William R. Harvey, Carletta Hurt, Tashara-Lee Johnson, John Michael Reefer, Victoria Rowell and Steve Urchin Wilson are producers on this project. I wasn’t able to identify Leslie Harvey, Travis Brown or Kathrine Johnson.