Bless Their Little Hearts (1983)

Director: Billy Woodberry

Writer(s): Charles Burnett

Starring: Nate Hardman, Kaycee Moore, Angela Burnett, Ronald Burnett, Kimberly Burnett, Langston Woodberry, Eugene Cherry, Ellis Griffin, Ernest Knight, Lawrence Pierott

Synopsis: This spare, emotionally resonant portrait of family life during times of struggle blends grinding, daily-life sadness with scenes of deft humor. Jim Ridley of the Village Voice aptly summed up the film’s understated-but- real virtues: “Its poetry lies in the exaltation of ordinary detail.”

Release Date: December 12, 1983 (USA) | Length: 80 min | Genre: Drama | MPAA Rating: NR

Note: Part of the L.A. Rebellion. Available for research at UCLA. Trailer above is for the film My Brother’s Wedding and Bless Their Little Hearts. Need to research cast.