Cold Light of Day (1989)

Director: Fhiona-Louise

Writer(s): Fhiona-Louise

Starring: Bob Flag, Martin Byrne-Quinn, Geoffrey Greenhill, Mark Hawkins, Andrew Edmans, Jackie Cox, Bill Merrow, Claire King, Eugene Cheese, Deborah Manship, Gary Ewell, Lol Coxhill, Joe Owen, Carlos Downie, Malcolm Rogers, Ken Say, John Baxter, Louis Haslar, Paul McLaine, Steve Munroe, Keith Hamilton Cobb

Synopsis: Fictionalized account based on the actions of serial killer Dennis Nilsen.

Release Date: September 27,1989 (UK) | Length: 81 min | Genre: Biography, Crime, Horror | BBFC Rating: 18

Note: The film was re-released in the UK February 14, 2008 on DVD under the title “Killer Kiss”. I’m having trouble finding a trailer for either title or an actual DVD to buy. Above is a clip from the film. I’ve watched this movie twice. I never see Keith or hear any mention of his characters name, Billy. IMDB has the runtime as 81 minutes. The version I saw was 76 minutes. Maybe there is another cut out there.