Cannes Day 2: Coogler, Black Cinema And Cannes

I shared a moment yesterday on my Instagram story feed. It showed me in shock as filmmaker Ryan Coogler, his wife and the Cannes Film Festival Assistant assigned to them, casually walk right by me inside the world famous Palais Des Festivals. I’m hardly ever that star-struck anymore as I see most filmmakers and actors as colleagues in this business, but this was RYAN COOGLER, or as I’ve come to refer to him as just “Coogler.” Mr. Coogler wasn’t aware that I was filming them on my iPhone for a few seconds as they waited by the elevator, but needless to say that my #Coogler story was the most-watched and the most well received in my direct messages. Coogler, who through the course three films (The Fruitvale Station, Creed, and now, the enormously successful Black Panther) has arisen to be one of my most admired working filmmakers. Black Panther obviously doesn’t need any more praise or recognition as it is one of the best critically acclaimed films and the most commercially successful movies of 2018. Even Christopher Nolan (creator of the famed Dark Knight Trilogy) went on record saying that Coogler and Black Panther should receive Academy Award nominations. With that said, with Ava DuVernay sitting on this year’s jury, Spike Lee here in the completion and Ryan Coogler walking the grounds of the Festival, Black Cinema is right now at its most vibrant at Cannes and perhaps at its most important in the history of this festival. Black Cinema is lit.


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