Director: Kyle Patrick Alvarez

Writer(s): John Griffin

Starring: Isaiah Russell-Bailey, Mckenna Grace, Billy Barratt, Orson Hong, Thomas Boyce, Kid Cudi, Selenis Leyva, Hero Hunter, Carson Minniear, Viviana Chavez, Matthew Rimmer, Michael Papajohn, Brad Davidorf, Dann Florek, Tom Cain, Rose Bianca Grue, Ken Knight, Jermaine McTizic, Brady Noon, Fran Robertson, Ashlan Rowan, Piper Rubio, Divyansh Yadav

Synopsis: “Crater” is the coming-of-age adventure story of Caleb Channing (Isaiah Russell-Bailey), who was raised on a lunar mining colony and is about to be permanently relocated to an idyllic faraway planet following the death of his father (Scott Mescudi). But before leaving, to fulfill his dad’s last wish, he and his three best friends, Dylan (Billy Barratt), Borney (Orson Hong) and Marcus (Thomas Boyce), and a new arrival from Earth, Addison (Mckenna Grace), hijack a rover for one final adventure on a journey to explore a mysterious crater. READ REVIEW

Release Date: May 12, 2023 (USA) | Length: 105 min | Genre: Adventure, Drama, Family, Sci-Fi | MPAA Rating: PG | Note(s):