Death on the Nile (2022)

Director: Kenneth Branagh

Writer(s): Agatha Christie (novel), Michael Green

Starring: Gal Gadot, Kenneth Branagh, Armie Hammer, Rose Leslie, Emma Mackey, Sophie Okonedo, Annette Bening, Letitia Wright, Jennifer Saunders, Dawn French, Russell Brand, Tom Bateman, Adam Garcia, Hayat Kamille, Ali Fazal, Nikkita Chadha, Crispin Letts, Niamh Lynch, Rick Warden, Rhiannon Clements, Francis Lovehall, Sid Sagar, Zoe Rainey, Lampros Kalfuntzos, Calvin Chen, Sarah Eve, Jon-Scott Clark, Christopher Jeffers, David Cradduck, Eleanor de Rohan, Obie Matthew, Edward Lewis French, Lisa Spencer, Nathaniel Ellul, Stacy Abalogun, Kai Gillett, Victor Alli, Naveed Khan, Rudy Valentino Grant, Katie Smale, Megan Affonso, Asad Panjwani, Mo Firoozy, Lisa Lian, Jasna Anderson, Joseph Prouse, Brenda Newhouse, Raphael Carpenter, Phil Reeve, Tammy Morris, Michael Ellis, Ethan John Fernandes, Noel Samuels, Hussain Al-Zubaidi, Noaman Saeed, Connor Diffley, Renako McDonald, Jamie Alexander Gleeson, Helen Newroz Karadoruk, Cory McClane, Daniel Smales

Synopsis: While on vacation on the Nile, Hercule Poirot must investigate the murder of a young heiress.

Release Date: February 11, 2022 (USA) | Length: Unknown | Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery | MPAA Rating: Unknown

Note: Release date moved from October 23, 2020 to December 18, 2020 then moved again to 2021. The September 17, 2021 was pushed to 2022.