Director: Isaac Julien

Writer(s): Isaac Julien (screenplay), Mark Nash (screenplay), Harold Manning (french adaptation)

Starring: Colin Salmon, Halima Daoud, Noirin Ni Dubhgaill, Amir M. Korangy, Al Nedjari, Rachida Rahal, Ana Ramalho, John Wilson, Joey Attawia, Lavanne Carlos, Suzanne Carney, Zeina Carrington, Sally Craddock, Ouifak Gouja, Hadj Abdelhamid, Jess Hall, Moumen Mohamed Hedi, Eddy Lemare, Nadia de Limoucin, Kobena Mercer, Jackie Sawiris, Rehan Sheikh, Osei Stanton, Gilane Tawardos, Penny Vatvarides, Leslie Whichelow, Homi Bhaba, Stuart Hall, Françoise Vergâs, Olivier Fanon, Kiaber Gamess, Jacques Azaoulay, Daniel Boukman, Alice Cherki, Maryse Condé, Raphael Confiant, Felix Fanon, France-Lye Fanon, Joby Fanon, Mohammed Harbi

Synopsis: Explores the life and work of the psychoanalytic theorist and activist Frantz Fanon who was born in Martinique, educated in Paris and worked in Algeria. Examines Fanon’s theories of identity and race, and traces his involvement in the anti-colonial struggle in Algeria and throughout the world.

Release Date: November 2, 1995 (France) | Length: 70 min | Genre: Biorgaphy | MPAA Rating: NR

Note: need to watch film to better identify people.

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