Gangs of the Dead (2006)

Director: Duane Stinnett

Writer(s): Duane Stinnett, Krissann Shipley, David Todd Ocvirk

Starring: Cazimir Milostan, Noel Gugliemi, Howard Alonzo, Ethan Ednee, Dayana Jamine, Ryan Hanna King, Enrique Almeida, Danny Socorro Martinez, Krissann Shipley, James C. Burns, Stephen Basilone, Janine Foster, Terrence Evans, Michelle Perdue, Reggie Bannister, Christine Conradt, Rocky Costanzo, Jeremy Dunn, Richard Dorton, Thaddeus Jaworsky, Dave Gist, John Mattingly, James Shipley, Jordan Leibert, Carol Rosenbaum, Aaron James Rogers, Corey Foxx, Leighanne RiaVaigh, Brad Allerheiligen, Mike Cravatta, Johann Diel, Jim Dyer, Albert Evangelista, Jim Hemphill, Julie K. Hurst, Teninille Orand, Ward T. Porrill, Marlon Samiento, Samuel M. Smith, Lucas Stensland, Felix Valde Jr., Jason Van Liere, DB Albert, Geraldo A. Iglesias, Paulah May

Synopsis: When a meteorite containing a zombie-spawning spore crashes in the City of Angels, the survivors of the impact must put aside their differences in order to fend off the flesh-eating masses in this tale of urban apocalypse starring Phantasm’s Reggis Banister. As two rival gangs converge on an empty Los Angeles warehouse, the stage is set for violence and mayhem. But this isn’t any ordinary gang fight, because these thugs have an unearthly taste for human flesh. Now, if they have any hope of fending off the advancing horde of the undead, the toughest gangsters in the neighborhood will have to put their differences with the LAPD aside long enough to aim for the head and formulate a solid escape plan.

Release Date: June 30, 2006 (USA) | Length: 90 min | Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi, Zombies | MPAA Rating: Rated R for strong violence and gore, pervasive language and brief drug use.

Note: This movie appears under two different names “Gangs of the Dead (2006) and Last Rites (2007), with two different release dates June 30, 2006 (theatrical) and May 1, 2007 (video/streaming). I saw it under the title “Gangs of the Dead” so I’m going with that one. Also, it has a cooler poster. I haven’t found a trailer under either title.


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