Director: Aaron Katz

Writer(s): Aaron Katz

Starring: Lola Kirke, Zoë Kravitz, John Cho, Greta Lee, Ricki Lake, Michelle Forbes, Nelson Franklin, Reeve Carney, Jessica Parker Kennedy, James Ransone, Todd Louiso, Marianne Rendón, Abraham Lim, Gabriela Flores, Ted Stavros, Levy Tran, Naby Dakhli, Ray Reynaga, Chad Hartigan, Juan Antonio, Jamel Baines, Taylor Clemenza, Kennedy Collier, Khalid Dualeh, Ginger Horne, Gary Karapetyan, Steve Koss, Stephanie McVay, Emily Pearse, Michael Joseph Pierce, Chris Pinto, Nancy Pinto

Synopsis: A heinous crime tests the complex relationship between a tenacious personal assistant and her Hollywood starlet boss. As the assistant unravels the mystery, she must confront her own understanding of friendship, truth, and celebrity. READ REVIEW

Release Date: March 12, 2017 (USA) | Length: 93 min | Genre: Mystery, Thriller | MPAA Rating: Rated R for pervasive language, and a violent image.

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