Harlem Is Heaven (1932)

Director: Irwin Franklyn

Writer(s): Irwin Franklyn

Starring: Bill Robinson, Eubie Blake, John ‘Spider Bruce’ Mason, Putney Dandridge, James Baskett, Anise Boyer, Henri Wessell, Alma Smith, Bob Sawyer, ‘Slick’ Chester, Fullback, Juano Hernandez, Margaret Jenkins, Myra Johnson, Ferdie Lewis, Thomas Moseley, George Nagel, Naomi Price, Noble Sissle, Jili Smith, Jackie Young

Synopsis: The director and star of a Harlem theater troupe puts his feelings aside to help unite two lovers.

Release Date: May 27, 1932 (USA) | Length: 69 min | Genre: Crime, Drama, Musical | Certificate: Unknown

Note: I identified as many people as I could.