Integration Report 1 (1960)

Jan 1, 1960 | History, Short Film

Director: Madeline Anderson

Writer(s): N/A

Starring: Robert Williams, Thomas R. Jones, A.J. Whittenberg, Charles Diggs, Tom Mboya, Martin Luther King Jr, Bayard Rustin, James Farmer Jr., Jackie Robinson, Loften Mitchell (narration), Robert Graham Brown (narrator), Maya Angelou (singer), Lillian Hayman (singer), James Bartow (singer, guitarist)

Synopsis: A survey film that chronicles the civil rights struggle of the late 1950s. The film featured many individuals who would later become influential figures in the Civil Rights Movement, such as Martin Luther King Jr., Bayard Rustin, Andrew Young and many others.

Release Date: 1960 (USA) | Length: 20 min | Genre: History | MPAA Rating: NR

Note: I did not an official release date for this.