Jada Pinkett Smith Wants to Play Vixen

Jada Pinkett Smith Wants to Play Vixen

By Agustin Guerrero | ScreenRant

Though the series proved divisive over the course of its 22 episodes, Fox’s Gotham proved itself popular enough to earn a second season. The reimagining of the Batman mythos showed the origins of popular Batman villains such as Penguin and Riddler, but it also introduced a new villain in Jada Pinkett Smith’s Fish Mooney. The sadistic gangster boss is integral in Penguin’s origin and the events of the first season, though her ultimate fate is currently unknown.

Pinkett Smith believes her role in Gotham is done. As such, the actress is looking to the future for new projects. She recently returned to the silver screen in Magic Mike XXL, but she doesn’t seem ready to leave DC Comics behind her. In fact, she knows exactly which character she wants to play next.

In an interview with MTV UK, Pinkett Smith revealed that she would like to portray the superhero Vixen in the DC Comics’ shared film universe. She mentions the character’s affiliation with the Suicide Squad in the comics and her hopes to portray her in a sequel to the upcoming Suicide Squad film.

There’s a character that I love in the DC World. Her names is Vixen. Probably haven’t heard much of her. She’s kind of in that Suicide Squad world as well. I love Vixen. If there was any character, I would love to play her. I’m going to have to put my little word in with the director…”

Vixen, whose real name is Mari Jiwe McCabe, is a superhero that first appeared in DC Comics in 1981. She has the ability to reach into ‘The Red,’ which is a fictional force that connects all animal life on the planet. As such, she can harness the traits of any animals to have ever lived on Earth, such as the speed of a cheetah or the strength of a bull elephant.


Pinkett Smith is referring to a storyline in which Vixen appeals to the government for help after drug smugglers kill a number of her colleagues. The government turns the matter over to the Suicide Squad and Vixen joins them to stop the smuggling operation. However, she loses control of her powers and ends up killing the head of the drug smugglers. Disgusted by herself, she agrees to join the Suicide Squad until she can regain control of her powers.

That being said, the success of the upcoming Suicide Squad movie is far from a sure thing. However, if the film does bring in high box office numbers, there will doubtlessly be a sequel in the works. The reality is that Jada Pinkett Smith has an ‘in’ for the possible sequel. Pinkett Smith’s husband, Will Smith, is one of the stars of David Ayer’s Suicide Squad movie, after all.

That’s not to say that the actress wouldn’t deserve the role in her own right. She’s built a successful acting career over the last two decades and her recent turn as Fish Mooney showed that she’s willing to invest herself in a comic book role. Though the two characters are very different, I’d like to see what Pinkett Smith could bring to the role of Vixen if a second Suicide Squad movie does come to pass.

Source: MTV UK

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