Director: Elaine Proctor

Writer(s): Elaine Proctor

Starring: Miranda Otto, Isaiah Washington, Chris Chameleon, Moses Kandjoze, Ndondoro Hevita, Susan Coetzer, Martin Stefanus, Cornelius Tjiuma, Nthati Moshesh, Bart Fouche, Timmy Kwebulana, Ron Smerczak, Dan Robbertse, Beverley Narimes, Gottfried Kanao, Cordell McQueen, Venondjo Maharero, Lucy Taylor

Synopsis: While on a hunt for elephant poachers in Namibia, a white female conservationist and a black lawyer fall for each other, despite the condemnation by the local community.

Release Date: August 30, 2002 (UK) | Length: 89 min | Genre: Drama, Romance | Rating: M

Note: I didn’t find a trailer for this movie. Above is a clip from the film.


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