L.A. Confidential (1997)

Sep 19, 1997 | Crime, Drama, General Film, Mystery

Director: Curtis Hanson

Writer(s): James Ellroy (novel), Brian Helgeland, Curtis Hanson

Starring: Kevin Spacey, Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce, James Cromwell, Kim Basinger, Danny DeVito, David Strathairn, Ron Rifkin, Matt McCoy, Paul Guilfoyle, Paolo Seganti, Elisabeth Granli, Sandra Taylor, Steve Rankin, Graham Beckel, Allan Graf, Precious Chong, Symba, Bob Clendenin, Lennie Loftin, Will Zahrn, Amber Smith, Darrell Sandeen, Michael Warwick, Simon Baker, Shawnee Free Jones, Matthew Allen Bretz, Thomas Rosales Jr., Shane Dixon, Norman Howell, Brian Lally, Don Pulford, Chris Short, John Mahon, Tomas Arana, Michael McCleery, George Yager, Jack Conley, Ginger Slaughter, Jack Knight, John H. Evans, Gene Wolande, Brian Bossetta, Michael Chieffo, Gwenda Deacon, T.J. Kennedy, Ingo Neuhaus, Robert Harrison, Jim Metzler, Robert Barry Fleming, Jeremiah Birkett, Salim Grant, Karr Washington, Noel Evangelisti, Marisol Padilla Sánchez, Jeff Sanders, Steven Lambert, Jordan Marder, Gregory White, April Breneman, Lisa Worthy, Beverly Sharpe, Colin Mitchell, John Currie Slade, Brenda Bakke, Kevin Maloney, Patrice Walters, Rebecca Klingler, Irene Roseen, Scott Eberlein, David St. James, Bodie Newcomb, Jeff Austin, Robert Foster, Kevin Patrick Kelly, Henry Marder, Monty McKee, Henry Meyers, Michael Ossmann, Dick Stilwell, Jess Thomas, Robert Thompson, Jody Wood, April Audia, Jonathan Adler, Jana Rains Austinson, William Boyd, Hennen Chambers, Jan Citron, Priscilla Cory, T.K. Durham, Rhonda Fleming, Deborah Kerr, Alan Ladd, Veronica Lake, Fred Lerner, Scott McKinley, John Meier, Marilyn Monroe, Jimmy Ortega, Chris Palermo, J.P. Romano, Gilbert Rosales, Nectar Rose, Jane Russell, Rocco Salata, Frank Sinatra, Elaine Stewart, Vern Urich, Sam P. Whitehead, Dell Yount, Anne Zogby

Synopsis: 1950’s Los Angeles is the seedy backdrop for this intricate noir-ish tale of police corruption and Hollywood sleaze. Three very different cops are all after the truth, each in their own style: Ed Exley, the golden boy of the police force, willing to do almost anything to get ahead, except sell out; Bud White, ready to break the rules to seek justice, but barely able to keep his raging violence under control; and Jack Vincennes, always looking for celebrity and a quick buck until his conscience drives him to join Exley and White down the one-way path to find the truth behind the dark world of L.A. crime.

Release Date: September 19, 1997 (USA) | Length: 138 min | Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery | MPAA Rating: Rated R for strong violence and language, and for sexuality.