LordsofBSV-2014-posterDirector: Maria Soccor

Writer(s): Maria Soccor, Frank Orefice Jr.

Starring: Alonzo Jones, Chris Davis, Justin Quinones, Dravon Washington, Albert Esquilin, Shawn Theagene, George Adams, Peter Vincent, Curtis Brown, Walter Houston, Keanna Vaughn, Frantz Penel, Robert Cornegy, Christopher Frazier, Shawn Griffith, Chris Brown, Ruth Stewart, Kalil Williams, Brandon Johnson, Gordon Billinghurst, Corey C. McClean, Curtis Brown

Additional Cast members I don’t have photos for: Connie Wiggans, Partido Harris, So’ell Stewart, Sue Fellows, Christopher James, Epifano De Germino, Johnathan Hayes, Stefan Brown, Anthony J. Sanchez

Synopsis: In Bed Stuy, Brooklyn – a natural “pressure cooker” for emerging talent, George Adams creates a new dance form called, Brukup, that a group of young men and women follow like a religion. This dance form revived by BSV members Blackie and Poba, has evolved as dancers use the foundation of the Brukup movement to enhance their free form and mutation style of dance. Desperately trying to escape the street life, Bruk Up is the one thing that keeps them all together. They are a family. They are: The Lords of BSV.

Release Date: July 31, 2016 (USA) | Length: 79 min | Genre: Biography, Dance | MPAA Rating: NR

Note: Release date is the films digital television debut on Red Bull TV.


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