Mulberry St. (2010)

Director: Abel Ferrara

Writer(s): N/A

Starring: Giovanni, Abel Ferrara, Vincenzo, Gary, Frank Aquilino, Baby John, Joe, Frankie Cee, Lewis, John ‘Cha Cha’ Ciarcia, Anne Compoccia, Skinny Vinnie, Shanyn Leigh, Martin Richards, Joey Cigar, Scotty, Matthew Modine, Gianni Russo, Vito, Liz Rosenberg, Joey Reynolds, Danny Aiello, Jason Cosaro, Ally, Michael M. Bilandic, Jimmy V., Dion DiMucci, Steve Van Zandt, Dolores Brooks, Toots Hibbert, The Naked Cowboy, Judith Regan, Pat Cooper, Frank Vincent, Skippy, Chuck Zito, Dennis Lim, Jonathan Elliot Levy

Synopsis: Born in the Bronx and raised in upstate New York, Abel Ferrara started his professional film career on Mulberry Street in 1975. For the past year he’s been living on the block, and the feast of San Gennaro is the subject of his new film. While he has used this location for a few of his features, this time it’s the star of the film.

Release Date: July 17, 2010 (Italy) | Length: 87 min | Genre: Biography, History | MPAA Rating: NR

Note: I didn’t find a trailer for this film. Searching only produced trailers of a horror movie by the same name. There are black people who appear in the film, who might be locals, that go unnamed.


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