Murder in Harlem (1935)

Director: Oscar Micheaux, Clarence Williams

Writer(s): Oscar Micheaux, Clarence Williams

Starring: Clarence Brooks, Dorothy Van Engle, Andrew Bishop, Alec Lovejoy, Laura Bowman, Bee Freeman, Oscar Micheaux, Eunice Wilson, Lorenzo McClane, David Hanna, “Slick” ChesterLionel Monagas, Alice B. Russell, Sandy Burns, Lea Morris, Joie Brown Jr., Henrietta Loveless, Helen Lawrence, Byron Shores, Eli Pugh, Cecil Scott, Willie ‘The Lion’ Smith, Clarence Williams

Alternate Title(s): Lem Hawkins’ Confession, The Brand of Cain. Remake of Micheaux’s “The Gunsaulus Mystery” (1921).

Synopsis: A black night watchman at a chemical factory finds the body of a murdered white woman. After he reports it, he finds himself accused of the murder.

Release Date: 1935 (USA) | Length: 98 min | Genre: Mystery, Drama | MPAA Rating: NR

Note: Clarence Williams is credited with writing and directing the cabaret sequence. Oscar Micheaux also wrote the novel that the film was based on.