Pearl Bowser (1931-2023)

Latest News, R.I.P.

“Alfred’s Cinema”. Retrieved 2023-09-19.

I’m deeply saddened to inform you on Ms. Pearl Bowser’s return to the earth…

Pearl Bowser became an ancestor on Sunday, September 17th, 2023. She is remembered by her daughter, Gillian Bowser.



Director, archivist, film collector, scholar, producer, author and independent distributor, Ms. Bowser made her transitioned at the age of 92, in Brooklyn, NY. She was a life long New Yorker and Brooklynite, and proclaimed God Mother of Black Independent Cinema. It was Pearl Bowser who solely unearthed the lost archives of Oscar Micheaux and returned to the world the origins of Black Cinema. 🕊️

Pearl’s notable works include:


“Writing Himself Into History: Oscar Micheaux, His Silent Films, and Hos Audiences” (2000)

Rise in Love…

When I first learned about Pearl Bowser I knew I wanted to be just like her.

*Special thanx to Christopher Scott for posting story on Facebook.