Penitentiary II (1982)

Apr 2, 1982 | Drama, General Film

Director: Jamaa Fanaka

Writer(s): Jamaa Fanaka

Starring: Leon Isaac Kennedy, Glynn Turman, Ernie Hudson, Mr. T, Peggy Blow, Sephton Moody, Donovan Womack, Malik Carter, Stan Kamber, Cepheus Jaxon, Marvin Jones, Ebony Wright, Eugenia Wright, Renn Woods, Lyrica Garrett, Dennis Lipscomb, Gerald Berns, Tony Cox, Wilbur ‘Hi-Fi’ White, Elijah Mitchell, Janifer Baker Holloway, Pamela Kelly, Ian Foxx, Rudy Ray Moore, Irene Stokes, L.C. Middleton, Lowell Gregory Grisson, Tamu Knalfani, Leroy Simmons, Charles Young, Marie Busby, Hawthorne James, Allan Graf, Cornelius Desha, Chico Mack, Doug Carpenter, Alfred Mariorenzi, Jasmine Poitier, Guadalupe Ladino, Kimberly Ann Binion, Maria Hackley, Candy Rice, Teri Hayden, Fred Walker, Daoude Woods, Craig Monson, Steve Andreen, Warren Bryant, Lynne Conner Smith, Tuesday Conner, James Skully Austin, Katina Gordon Fanaka, Twyla Gordon Fanaka, G. Smokey Campbell, Archie Moore, Robert Lee Rush

Synopsis: An ex-con, on parole and trying to straighten his life out, decides to resume his boxing career when one of his prison enemies escapes and kills his girlfriend.

Release Date: April 2, 1982 (USA) | Length: 108 min | Genre: Drama | Certificate: R