Director: Sidney Lumet

Writer(s): David Himmelstein

Starring: Richard Gere, Julie Christie, Gene Hackman, Kate Capshaw, Denzel Washington, E.G. Marshall, Beatrice Straight, Fritz Weaver, Michael Learned, J.T. Walsh, E. Katherine Kerr, Polly Rowles, Matt Salinger, Tom Mardirosian, Omar Torres, Ricardo Gallarzo Jr., Jessica James, Glenn Kezer, Douglas Newell, Scott Harlan, Nick Flynn, Ed Van Nuys, Noel Harrison, Jackson Beck, Leila Danette, Kevin Hagen, Timothy Jecko, Margaret Barker, D.B. Sweeney, Linda DeNiro, Lynn Klugman, John Robert Evans, Elizabeth Kendrick, Jim Hartz, Roger Grimsby, Margaret Hall, Brad Holbrook, Donna Hanover, Frank Casey, Kristi Witker, Marvin Scott, Daryl Edwards, Martha Pinson, Jack Zahniser, Burke Pearson, Janet Sarno, Robert Fieldsteel, Gregory Wagrowski, Ron Stein, Robert Krüger, Eldo Ray Estes, Tony D. Head, Lynda Lenet, Tomas Moore

Synopsis: Pete St. John is a powerful and successful political consultant, with clients spread around the country. When his long-time friend and client Ohio senator Sam Hastings decides to quit politics, he is rapidly drafted to help with the campaign of the man destined to succeed him, unknown and mysterious businessman Jerome Cade. In parallel and unaware of the potential dangers, he proceeds to unravel the mystery surrounding Hastings dropping out with the aide of his ex-wife, a prominent Washington-based journalist. But interests more powerful than local arm wrestling are at stake and things start getting awry.

Release Date:  January 31, 1986 (USA) | Length: 111 min | Genre: Drama | Certificate: R

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