Redemption in Cherry Springs (2021)

Director: Letia Clouston

Writer(s): John Bellina, Talia Gonzalez, Lauren Snowden

Starring: Rochelle Aytes, Keith D. Robinson, Hanna Lee Sakakibara, Rajiv Sharma, Frankie Faison, Jace Bently, Scott Bryce, Hannah Barefoot, Keith Miller, Brinda Dixit, Eric T. Miller, Eliazar Jimenez, Adam Courtney, Kent Moran, C.J. Lindsey, Anthony Zambito, Kelly Mulvihill, Tania Verafield, Glenn Fleary, Erin West, Laura Chaneski, Andrea Cirie, Melissa Greenspan, Tricia Merrick, Michael Frederic, Lipica Shah, Gabriel Pages, Gary Lee Mahmoud, Gary Hilborn, Mick Coleman, Mason Cufari, Matthew Johnson, Quinn McCarthy,

Synopsis: Melanie and Jake follows a path of twists and turns till they uncover the shocking truth of Melanie’s missing childhood friend Tony in her small town of Cherry springs.

Release Date: September 12, 2021 (USA) | Length: 120 min | Genre: Mystery | Certificate: TV-PG | Note: Original title “Beyond Repair: A Melanie Abrams Mystery”. Judy Smith is a producer on this project. IMDB has C.J. Lindsey also listed under CJ Lindsey and married to a different person, not Rochelle Aytes.