Remember Me: The Mahalia Jackson Story (2022)

Director: Denise Dowse

Writer(s): Ericka Nicole Malone

Starring: Ledisi, Columbus Short, Janet Hubert, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Keith David, Corbin Bleu, Keith D. Robinson, Jai’Len Josey, ShaLeah Nicole, Wren T. Brown, Ava Elise Cherry, Vanessa Williams, Richard Whiten, Bo Kane, Carl Gilliard, Sofia Masson, Krystle McMullan, Brandin Stennis, Saisha Teagues, Cornelius Perkins, Jeff Prater, Richardson Cisneros-Jones, Dominique Stango, Latonya Black Gilliard, Iris Davis-Heim, Anna Giudice

Synopsis: Follows the successful career of Jackson as well as her unique friendship and devotion to Martin Luther King Jr. and her unsung contribution to the Civil Rights Movement.

Release Date: Unknown | Length: Unknown | Genre: Biography, Drama, History, Music | MPAA Rating: Unknown | Note(s): Original announcement. Ledisi played Mahalia Jackson in Selma. Ericka Nicole Malone is a producer on this project. I wasn’t able to identify Ava Elise Cherry. She plays young Mahalia in the movie and I wonder if she is actually Ava Elise Farmer but I haven’t been able to prove that. Still waiting for a release date on this.