Rolling Into Christmas (2022)

Gary Dourdan, Holiday, Made for TV, Romance

Director: Trey Haley

Writer(s): Gregory Anderson

Starring: Rhyon Nicole Brown, Donny Carrington, Jazmine Robinson, Sean Poolman, Danielle E. Hawkins, Laila Pruitt, Tyler Richardson, Kerri J. Baldwin, Gary Dourdan, Al Mitchell, Jason Turner, Brandee Evans, Mezi Atwood, Shy Avery, Linda Boston, JaMarcus Hill, Brian Kurlander, Zion Hasan Mackins

Synopsis: Two Childhood sweethearts who shared a passion for roller skating are reunited 15 years later during the holidays, forcing them to question their love and life choices.

Release Date: December 1, 2022 (USA) | Length: 90 min | Genre: Holiday, Romance | MPAA Rating: Unknown | Note(s): I wasn’t able to identify writer Gregory Anderson. Lorisa Bates, Noelle Broussard, Devin Griffin, Maureen Guthman and Marvin Neil are producers on this project.