Run for the Dream: The Gail Devers Story (1996)

Jun 16, 1996 | Biography, Drama, Made for TV, Sports

Director: Neema Barnette

Writer(s): Dianne Houston, Scott Abbott

Starring: Charlayne Woodard, Louis Gossett Jr., Tina Lifford, Jeffrey D. Sams, Robert Guillaume, Paula Kelly, John Schuck, Stephanie Faracy, Melba Joyce, Reed R. McCants, Gregory Mortensen, Leland Crooke, Sandra Nelson, Albie Selznick, Cheryl Francis Harrington, Willie Gault, Florence Griffith Joyner, Al Joyner, James Worthy, Eleanor Joy Lind, Gayle Kellon Christensen

Synopsis: Truth is stranger than fiction. Olympic gold medal hurdler Gail Devers almost lost her feet to a mysterious disease after being picked for the 1988 Seoul Olympics. She failed to qualify for the finals as the disease (Graves Disease) left her feet swollen, cracked, and oozing blood. After two years, doctors were on the verge of amputating when it was discovered that radiation treatment was making it worse. Gail Devers eventually recovered and went on to win the one hundred meter in Barcelona. She might have won the one hundred meter hurdles if she hadn’t tripped on the final hurdle. She also competed in and won the sprint at Atlanta.

Release Date: June 16, 1996  (USA) | Length: 99 min | Genre: Biography, Drama, Sport | MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for brief language and some sexuality.