Safari (1940)

Missing Trailer

Director: Edward H. Griffith

Writer(s): Delmer Daves, Paul Hervey Fox (based on a story by), Harry Hervey

Starring: Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Madeleine Carroll, Tullio Carminati, Lynne Overman, Muriel Angelus, Billy Gilbert, Frederick Vogeding, Thomas Louden, Clinton Rosemond, Fred Godoy, Jack Carr, Hans von Morhart, Darby Jones, Henry Rowland, George Melford, James Davis, Al Duvall, John B. Washington, Ben Carter, Hassan Said, Sam Harris, Jesse Graves, Ernest Wilson, Madame Sul-Te-Wan, Ernest Whitman

Synopsis: Millionaire Baron de Courland and his fiancée Linda Stewart employ Jim Logan as a guide for their hunting trip in the jungle. Linda finds unplanned adventure in her sudden love for Jim, ultimately forsaking her future with the Baron for the joys of true love.

Release Date: June 14, 1940 (USA) | Length: 80 min | Genre: Adventure, Drama, Romance | Certificate: Approved

Note: Unable to identify John B. Washington (cast as native).