Shirley (2020)

Jan 25, 2020 | Biography, Drama, General Film, Thriller

Director: Josephine Decker

Writer(s): Sarah Gubbins (screenplay), Susan Scarf Merrell (novel)

Starring: Elisabeth Moss, Odessa Young, Michael Stuhlbarg, Logan Lerman, Victoria Pedretti, Robert Wuhl, Paul O’Brien, Orlagh Cassidy, Bisserat Tseggai, Allen McCullough, Tony Manna, Molly Fahey, Edward O’Blenis, Ryan Spahn, Vincent McCauley, Emily Decker, Kecia Lewis, Alexandria Sherman, Margarita Allen, Melissa Chanza, Mick Coleman, Lexa Hayes, Adelind Horan, Rosemary Howard, Ava Langford, Susan Nido, Thomas Racek, Louise Schoene, Steve Vinovich

Synopsis: Fred and Rose move to a small Vermont college town in pursuit of a job for Fred as an assistant professor of literature. The young couple receives an offer for free room and board from professor Stanley Hyman, as long as Rose agrees to spend time cleaning up the home and looking after his wife, acclaimed horror author Shirley Jackson. At first Fred and Rose detest the rocky household of the eccentric couple, but they eventually establish deep bonds with their counterparts, which will test the limits of their young love. READ REVIEW

Release Date: January 25, 2020 (USA) | Length: 107 min | Genre: Biography, Drama, Thriller | MPAA Rating: Unknown

Note: Premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2020. Unless there is a different cut of this film, all of the black characters are just background dressing, with no dialogue or names ever spoken.