Smoking/Non-Smoking (2011)

Oct 13, 2011 | Drama, General Film

Director: Alyssa Rallo Bennett

Writer(s): Alyssa Rallo Bennett, Gary O. Bennett

Starring: Lucie Arnaz, Elisabeth Moss, Roger Robinson, Carlos Leon, Adam Ferrara, Zach Galligan, Fiona Choi, William Mitchell, Tibor Feldman, Jennifer McCabe, Ryan Homchick, Molly Culver, Angie Martinez, Scott Bryce, Peter Francis James, Liam Broggy, Angela Pietropinto, Jennifer Merrill, Michael Pemberton, Rick Washburn, Janine Barris, Brendan Bradley, Jackie Brown, Peggy Cafferty, Daniel Carlisle, Peter Coleman, Jim Coope, Genai Corban, Dan Frazer, Suzanne Froix, Brian Gildea, Gabriela Gortaire, Brooks Hornsby, Craig Keene, Jill Knell, David Laundra, Alexandra Mingione, Charlie Moss, Lony’e Perrine, Carly Porter, Marja-Lewis Ryan, M. Jennings Turner, Lila Urda, Johnny Webster, DeWanda Wise, Rosemary Howard

Synopsis: Twelve Angry Men meets Silkwood in a suspenseful feature inspired by true stories. An ambitious Assistant District Attorney prosecutes a wife and mother for murder after her forty-seven year-old husband dies of lung cancer. Their twenty-four year-old son decides to testify against her. At first, this appears to be a ridiculous case, but one juror’s doubts and inspirations – a student of hers force the jury into an intriguing, emotional and complicated choice regarding addiction, loyalty and individual responsibility.

Release Date: October 13, 2011 (USA) | Length: 85 min | Genre: Drama | MPAA Rating: Unknown

Note: Original Title “The Pack”. IMDB seems to have William Mitchell listed twice under William Mitchell and William Charles Mitchell. But looking at the actors image on the Criminal Minds Wiki and comparing it to Judge Oppenheimer in the above trailer, you can see that it is the same person.