Director: FKA Twigs

Writer(s): FKA Twigs

Starring: FKA Twigs, Denzel Daniels, Ryan Heseltine, Ross Sands, Chloe Ferns, Gianna Gi, Kaner Scott, Paris Green, Eloise Sheldon, Ryan Goodrum, Naomi Weijand, Chris Arias, Simeon Campbell, Keron M. Proverbs, Kenji Matsunaga, Chaldron Williams

Synopsis: Conceptualized as an abstract autobiographical piece, “Soundtrack 7” includes performances set to “How’s That”, “Ultraviolet,” and “Good to Love” among others, and is bound together by a striking, repeated recitation of Thomas Wyatt’s poem “I Find No Peace” (an excerpt from which opened twigs’ critically acclaimed LP1). Emphasizing the grit and physicality of dance, twigs describes her latest project as “flesh, sweat, feeling, muscle, and a live movement, no air brushing, no frills.”

Release Date: August 3, 2016 (USA) | Length: 52 min | Genre: Biography, Music | MPAA Rating: NR

Note: I didn’t find a trailer, just the full video.

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