Strive (2019)

Director: Robert Rippberger

Writer(s): Sha-Risse Smith, Piper Dellums

Starring: Danny Glover, Nicole Ehinger, Michelle Joyner, Tony D. Head, Scarlett Sperduto, Francesca Ruscio, Ricky Flowers Jr., Joi Starr, Chelsea Lee Williams, Leopold Manswell, William C. Tate, Abi F. McCoy, Al-nisa Petty, Marielouise Guinier, Alexandra Noland, Alexandra Rosario, Shaylin Becton, Brandon McKinnie, Warryn Campbell, Cole Taylor, Jae Ponder, Monica Geraffo, Aven Courtney, Norman Outlaw, Stephanie Almeida, Chris Chiari, Kim Watkins, Laurie Bailey, Erica Campbell, Sha-Risse Smith, Insha Mirza, Teresa Nash, Ainsley Campbell, Karina Massena, Nichole Hernandez, Shaniqua Willaims, Jennifer Stern, Heaven Corporan, Akosua Bates, Dorna Aprin, Nykemah Warren, Andrew Donavon, Abe Gatling, Sherry Werner White, Melvin Cadlett, Curtis Hoggard, Anna Mcnatt, Carter Belte, Jason Hall, Amaiyah Dipre, Nichole Watson, Rebecca Vanjura, Jermain Housen, Jenelle Rose, Ardeth L. Bowser, Zyaire Fagle, Donna Franklin, Bianca Greenfield, Kaitlyn Torres, Rennie Michell, Dayton Turnquest, Lindsey Trop, Caden Mccuff, Matthew Corporan, Anthony Soriano, Selina Nuness, Destiny Pimental, Getchie Argetsinger, Samuel Difiore, Serena Marcano, Joseph Vanjura, Rise F. Shuler, Marcell Mclean-Daniels, Enzo Florez, Rennie Renwah, Terrell Fuller, Katelin White, Daniel Alston, Syan Perez, Elsu Medine, Zipporah Gatling, Purnell Holloway, Ruchit Negotia, Susana Mcdonald, Mable Judlox, Tasha Bunn, Jenna Berraho, Shon Thriver, Vera Stepanyan, Isaiah James Horton, Dana Borum, Jeanette Conyers, Sherry Werner, Onilda Acosta, Katie Kramp, Elsy Medina, Deaysha Hill, Correil Smith, Joshua E. Mckeever, Robin Hood Bell, Nicole Gonzalez, Tyquan Wright, Lois Farrar, Emmet Lyons, Emily Georgia, Sport Jones, Alice Holloway, Josiah Hotwire, Erikson Jinaut, Tylarzya Campbell, Crystal Hoobler, Rob Campbell, Dominique Burnes, Katatrina Cirillo, Dale Restighini, Malachi Mclean, Jordan Sims, Michael Bishop, Michelle Meacham, Gretchen Robinson, Angela Hutchinson, Charisse Jamique Chance King Wynter, David Pendleton, Grace Heinz, Andrew Combs, Lino Vivas, Jacob Sodi, Saphira Felter, Guerby D’Haiti, Nimeta Music, Tenemane Howell, Sara Ayobi, Aponte Tahurt, Dina Agudelo, Jadelynn Jones, Nova A. Hurt, Shuva Islam, Lakeesha Williams, Alani Belte, Michael A. Preston, Marquis Ramos, Zenola Cadlett, Charles Massey, Orests Arnao, Katie Crillo, Valentine Silston, Luther Isler, David Edinboro, Tham Caporale, Dashan Bronen, Gabreiel Cullen

Synopsis: A teenager from the projects in Harlem aims to get into Yale, but must push against the world holding her back.

Release Date: May 19, 2019 (USA) | Length: 82 min | Genre: Drama | MPAA Rating: Unknown

Note: Premiered at the Harlem International Film Festival in 2019. I was not able to identify most of the cast because they are listed as extras and this movie is the only film they have ever been in.


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