Synanon (1965)

Director: Richard Quine

Writer(s): Ian Bernard, Barry Oringer, S. Lee Pogostin

Starring: Chuck Connors, Stella Stevens, Alex Cord, Richard Conte, Eartha Kitt, Edmond O’Brien, BarBara Luna, Alejandro Rey, Richard Evans, Gregory Morton, Chanin Hale, K.C. Townsend, Larry Kert, Bernie Hamilton, Solomon Sturges, Lawrence Montaigne, Patricia Huston, Arnold Ross, Nick Borgani, William Crawford, Anthony Daddio, Charles Haden, Candy Latson, James Middleton, Matthew Notkins, Monty O’Grady, John Peterson, Herb Rosen, Jay Sebring, Dan Spaccarelli, Arthur Tovey, William Woodson

Synopsis: This film chronicles the goings on at Synanon House, a rehabilitation center for people with all kinds of addictions. Chuck Dederich, a recovering alcoholic, founded and runs Synanon House.

Release Date: May 5, 1965 (USA) | Length: 105 min | Genre: Drama | Certificate: Approved

Note: Patricia Huston was listed twice in the film under Patricia Huston and Patricia Houston. TCM only has Patricia Huston listed so I’m going with that one. I need to see the film o see if the whole Sounds of Synanon band is in the movie or just Arnold Ross (the piano player). If it’s the whole band it might feature Ron Clark on Bass and Kandy Latson on conga and bongos. Upon further research I found Hollis (Kandy) Latson credited as a patient with his name spelled at Candy Latson. I have found info under both names, so not sure which one is correct. Also found reference that Kandy WAS a Synanon patient.


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