The Chase (1966)

Apr 10, 1966 | Crime, Drama, General Film, Thriller

Director: Arthur Penn

Writer(s): Horton Foote, Lillian Hellman

Starring: Marlon Brando, Jane Fonda, Robert Redford, E.G. Marshall, Angie Dickinson, Janice Rule, Miriam Hopkins, Martha Hyer, Richard Bradford, Robert Duvall, James Fox, Diana Hyland, Henry Hull, Jocelyn Brando, Katherine Walsh, Lori Martin, Marc Seaton, Paul Williams, Clifton James, Malcolm Atterbury, Nydia Westman, Joel Fluellen, Steve Ihnat, Maurice Manson, Bruce Cabot, Steve Whittaker, Pamela Curran, Ken Renard, Don Anderson, James Anderson, Ray Ballard, Billy Bletcher, Matilda Brewer, Don Brodie, Rufis Burke, Nellie Burt, Dee Carroll, Steve Carruthers, Woody Chambliss, Ron Chase, Eduardo Ciannelli, Dort Clark, Richard Collier, Jacqueline D’Avril, George DeNormand, Joe Dominguez, Vicki Draves, Lori Fontaine, Mel Gallagher, Ray Galvin, Richard Garland, Anthony Ghazlo Sr., Monte Hale, Jill Hill, Clyde Howdy, James Jeter, Kenneth Konopka, Tina Menard, William Mims, Ralph Moody, Ruben Moreno, Stevenson Phillips, Bertha Powell, Patricia Quinn, Leoda Richards, Davis Roberts, Charles Seel, Grady Sutton, Curtis Taylor, Susan Tracy, Felipe Turich, Herb Voland, Guy Way, Cathy Williams, Rodney Willis, George Winters, Howard Wright

Synopsis: The escape of Bubber Reeves from prison affects the inhabitants of a small Southern town.

Release Date: August 10, 1966 (USA) | Length: 135 min | Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller | MPAA Rating: Approved

Note: I found as many people from the film as I could but still missing some people. I will have to post screen captures of the missing people.