The Flying Ace (1926)

Director: Richard E. Norman

Writer(s): Richard E. Norman

Starring: Laurence Criner, Kathryn Boyd, Boise De Legge, Harold Platts, George Colvin, Sam Jordan, R.L. Brown, Steve Reynolds, Lyons Daniels

Synopsis: A veteran World War I fighter pilot returns home a war hero and immediately regains his former job as a railroad company detective. His first case: recover a stolen satchel filled with $25,000 of company payroll, locate a missing employee, and capture a gang of railroad thieves.

Release Date: 1926 (USA) | Length: 65 min | Genre: Adventure, Crime, War | MPAA Rating: NR

Note: Above is a promotional trailer for the film. The film inspired by real life aviator Bessie Coleman.

There is a discrepancy with one of the names. On the film it lists the character of Constable Jed Splivins as being Lyons Daniels, but on the promotional material for the movie, his name is listed as Lions Daniels. Still looking for images of Sam Jordan and R.L. Brown. Also, haven’t found an official release date. Might have to look through old newspapers.


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