The Last Full Measure (2019)

Drama, General Film, War

Director: Todd Robinson

Writer(s): Todd Robinson

Starring: Samuel L. Jackson, Sebastian Stan, Jeremy Irvine, Christopher Plummer, Bradley Whitford, Ed Harris, Michael Imperioli, Diane Ladd, Linus Roache, William Hurt, Alison Sudol, Peter Fonda, Amy Madigan, John Savage, Zach Roerig, Robert Pine, Ser’Darius Blain, Max Gail, Dale Dye, Cody Walker, LisaGay Hamilton, Travis Aaron Wade, James Jagger, Richard Cawthorne, Wilbur Fitzgerald, Bruce MacVittie, Ric Reitz, Eoin O’Brien, Asher Miles Fallica, Rick Shuster, Martin Copping, Hannah Black, Julian Adams, Mary Rogers McMaster, John D. Hickman, Rachel Harker, Ethan Russell, August Blanco Rosenstein, Albert L. Taylor, Vesse Saastamoinen, Dan Renalds, Brenda L. Dubone, David E. Milsten, Russ Williamson, Phong Atwood Vo, Tommy Hatto, Tyler Robinson, Tyner Pesch, Chris Winegar, Tessa Robinson, Andrea Antonio Canal, Raphael Dante’ Carr Jr., Jamel Chambers, Cerro De la Wade, Erika Diamond, Robin Dyke, Juan Gaspard, Jason Gerrard, David Huegin, Billy James, Toccarra James, Perry Johnson, Aurora Karine, Marquis Magwood, Jarom Matson, Nicanor Mendoza III, Bradley J. Michael, Gary Miller, Jayvee Moritz, Ryan Newton, Brendan O’Donovan, Mark Randle, Barden Revelle IV, Rose Lane Sanfilippo, Milton Saul, Patti Schellhaas, Robert Tinsley, Ashley Uecker, Corinne van den Heuvel, Kelsey Walsh, Wes Weems, Marvin E. West, Daniel Whyte, Rhonda Williams, Lina Zalewski

Synopsis: Based on the true story of a present-day cover-up investigation, the film follows young Pentagon investigator Scott Huffman (Stan) battling the political machine in Washington. He reluctantly teams with veterans of Operation Abilene to convince Congress to award the Medal of Honor to a courageous Air Force medic, William Pitsenbarger, who is seen saving the lives of over 60 Marines ambushed in one of the bloodiest battles of the Vietnam war. As the battle waged on, and after the last helicopter left, he saved lives until his own was sacrificed. READ REVIEW

Release Date: January 24, 2020 (USA) | Length: 110 min | Genre: Drama, War | MPAA Rating: Rated R for war violence, and language.

Note: Release date was moved from  October 25, 2019 to January 17, 2020. Christopher Delante Jones, Amy Stormant, G.S. Wade II, Travis Thompson and Tamica Wiley are missing from the current cast list. has the release date as January 24, 2020.