The Mark of the Hawk (1957)

Mar 5, 1958 | Drama, General Film, Watch FREE

Director: Michael Audley

Writer(s): Lloyd Young, H. Kenn Carmichael

Starring: Eartha Kitt, Sidney Poitier, Juano Hernandez, John McIntire, Helen Horton, Marne Maitland, Gerard Heinz, Patrick Allen, Earl Cameron, Clifton Macklin, Ewen Solon, Lockwood West, Francis Matthews, Philip Vickers, Bill Nagy, N.C. Doo, David Goh, Harold Siddons, Frederick Treves, Lionel Ngakane, Andy Ho, John A. Tinn

Synopsis: The man called Obam struggles with the increasingly hostile forces facing each other in a colonial African country. The African natives want their land and lives back from the British colonists. Obam’s motives are questioned by his own people, in particular his brother Kanda. With the help of his wife Renee and missionary Bruce Craig, will he be able to get things under control before the country self-destructs?

Release Date: March 5, 1958 (USA) | Length: 83 min | Genre: Drama | Certificate: Approved

Note: Premiered in England in December 1957, but I couldn’t find an exact release date. Above is the US release date. I also didn’t find a trailer for this film. Above is a clip from the movie.