The Phenix City Story (1955)

Director: Phil Karlson

Writer(s): Crane Wilbur, Daniel Mainwaring

Starring: John McIntire, Richard Kiley, Kathryn Grant, Edward Andrews, Lenka Peterson, Biff McGuire, Truman Smith, Jean Carson, Kathy Marlowe, John Larch, Allen Nourse, James Edwards, Helen Martin, Otto Hulett, George Mitchell, Ma Beachie, James E. Seymour, Clete Roberts, Ed Strickland, Hugh Bentley, Hugh Britton, Quinny Kelly, Agnes Patterson, Sol Gorss, Ricky Klein, Meg Myles, Gil Perkins, Brandon Peters, Paul Reed, Richard Rust, Lucille Smith, Reese Taylor, Arthur Tell

Synopsis: A crime-busting lawyer and his initially reluctant attorney father take on the forces that run gambling and prostitution in their small Southern town.

Release Date: August 14, 1955 (USA) | Length: 87 min | Genre: Crime, Drama | Certificate: K-18

Note: There are no black people in the trailer but James Edwards and Helen Martin are in the movie.