The President Is Missing

Drama, Made for TV, Mystery, Unreleased

Missing Trailer

Director: Unknown

Writer(s): Bill Clinton and James Patterson (novel), Anthony Peckham (adaptation)

Starring: Michael Rooker, Janet McTeer, Ann Dowd, Paul Adelstein, Gina Gallego, Tatiana Zappardino, Medina Senghore, Reinaldo Faberlle, Darrell Snedeger, Anna Holbrook, McKenna Kerrigan, Vickie Warehime, Greg Lee, Emilio Cuesta, Vishwas, Anita Moore, Lee Avant, Conrad Carpenter

Synopsis: An American President stumbles upon a secret, world-threatening crisis.

Release Date: Unknown | Length: Unknown | Genre: Drama, Mystery | MPAA Rating: Unknown | Note(s): David Oyelowo was in the original cast list but not in the current one. This film is complete but waiting for a release date, poster and trailer. Still no trailer, poster or release date. If no update by next expiration, I’m moving the title to ‘Limbo”.