Director: Paul D. Hannah

Writer(s): Paul D. Hannah

Starring: Isaiah Washington, C. Thomas Howell, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Michael Ironside, Richard Brooks, Gregory Alan Williams, Lisa Arrindell, Robert Crayton, Tia Hendricks, Morgan Alexandria, Billy ‘Sly’ Williams, Karina Chery, Chloe James, Bridget Carrington, Jacque Augustus

Synopsis: Rose Ricard has a gift, she can see into your soul. She can discern the truth from a lie and sometimes, she can perceive the very thoughts before they are formed in your mind. She uses these gifts to solve unsolved cases and bring closure where there is none. Her most recent case, unwittingly opens the doors to her own past and that of her new partner Grant Summit.

Release Date: October 13, 2015 (USA)| Length: 109 min | Genre: Drama, Thriller | MPAA Rating: NR


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