Untitled Sammy Davis Jr. Biopic

Biography, General Film, History, Limbo, Music

Missing Trailer

Director: Unknown

Writer(s): Tracey Davis and Dolores A. Barclay (book); David Matthews (script)

Starring: Unknown

Synopsis:  In the book, daughter Tracey recounted a loving but distant relationship with her father, describing how she confronted him and how they drew closer as she grew older. The movie will look at the singer’s later life. In his 60s, he tried to pull off the biggest showbiz reunion in history — but first, he had to mend all the relationships he’d broken along the way to stardom, including the one with his daughter. The drama will be told from that vantage point, with impressionistic flashbacks painting the picture of his rise from child prodigy to global superstar. It includes the unimaginable racism he faced, and his determination to fight prejudice in Hollywood and elsewhere, along with his personal demons in a last-ditch attempt to reclaim his former stardom.

Release Date: Unknown | Length: Unknown | Genre: Biography, History, Music | MPAA Rating: Unknown | Note(s): Based on the book “Sammy Davis Jr.: My Father”. Lena Waithe is a producer on this project. I don’t know the status of this film. There has been no updates since the Original announcement and MGM seems to have a similar project in the works. For now I’m moving it to “Limbo” and then to “Never Made” if no updates by next expiration.