Director: Jason Friedberg, Aaron Seltzer

Writer(s):  Jason Friedberg, Aaron Seltzer

Starring: Matt Lanter, Vanessa Lachey, Gary ‘G. Thang’ Johnson, Nicole Parker, Crista Flanagan, Kim Kardashian West, Ike Barinholtz, Carmen Electra, Tony Cox, Tad Hilgenbrink, Nick Steele, John Di Domenico, Jason Boegh, Valerie Wildman, Abe Spigner, Noah Harpster, Austin Michael Scott, Devin Crittenden, Dana Seltzer, Michelle Lang, Jonas Neal, Walter Harris, Ty Miller, Gerard Facchini, Jacob Tolano, Roland Kickinger, Christopher Johnson, Preston James Hillier, Johnny Rock, David Born, Genevieve Guzchack, Hilary Kennedy, Lloyd Arnold II, Jared S. Eddo, Yoshio Iizuka, Lauren Gottlieb, Katrina Norman, Monica Soto, Audra Griffis, Amaris Davidson, Courtney Shay Young, Clinton Huff, Devin Walker, Dominique Kelley, Jeremy Barthel, Billy Jackson, Luke Sexton, Michael Byrnes, Jon Dainty, Eric Joshua Davis, Lacey Ford, Brandon B. Helmes, Holli Hicks, Brandy Moon, Melissa Munds, James Paul, Halley Rachal, Sarah J. Thompson, Jamey Whitley, Kenny Yates

Synopsis: Over the course of one evening, an unsuspecting group of twenty-somethings find themselves bombarded by a series of natural disasters and catastrophic events

Release Date: August 29. 2008 (USA) | Length: 87 min | Genre: Comedy, Disaster | MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for crude and sexual content throughout, language, drug references and comic violence.

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