The Octagon

Director: Eric Karson

Writer(s): Paul Aaron, Leigh Chapman

Starring: Chuck Norris, Karen Carlson, Lee Van Cleef, Art Hindle, Ernie Hudson

Synopsis: Scott’s life is plagued by two kinds of flashbacks. First are the childhood memories of the rigorous training he and a friend endured under a martial arts master. The second is of a mission Scott went on that ended with him watching his friend get murdered. Scott later becomes drawn closer to a vicious crime ring known as The Octagon. As he gets closer to the truth, Scott learns that these may be the men that murdered his friend so long ago.

Release Date: August 15, 1980 (USA) | Length: 103 min | Genre: Action, Drama, Romance, Thriller | MPAA Rating: R

Note: There are other black actors in at the training facility that I couldn’t identify from the IMDB cast list or the credits at the end of the film. They might be stunt people.

Unknown Cast


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