Director: Matt Mitchell

Writer(s): Matt Mitchell

Starring: Julian Rhind-Tutt, Adrian Edmondson, Sally Phillips, Carol Cleveland, Sarine Sofair, Stephen Marcus, Kevin Leslie, Harriet Madeley, Laura Swift, Leroy Kincaide, Peter Meyer, Omri Rose, Michael Fatogun, Tony Mardon, Louis Findlay, Michael Kennedy, Laurence Kennedy, Jamie Long, Christopher Tajah, Scott Hillier, Sophie Miller-Sheen, Connor Williams, Clarice Burton, James Barnes, Richard Gething, Jack Walter, Lewis Saunderson, Jayson Benovichi Dicken, Martin Ellis, Taylor Parsons, Austin Caley, Oli Regan, David Frias-Robles, Sarah Langrish-Smith, Chris Snipp, Justin Groves, Rory Murphy, Patrick Bauristhene, Jennie Lathan, Chris Hallaways, James Keane, Andy Abbott, Aidan Berry, Curtis Gault, Colin Llewelyn Chapman, Tom Clarke, Stanley Farr, Danny Bevan, Chris Sutton, George Tyrell, Roger Smith, William Coyne, Amir Elam, Danny Sutton, Marcus Bronzy, Al Day, Daniel Pike, Daniel Bryant, Colin Chapman, Matt Thompson, Philip Brown

Synopsis: A group of young urban explorers and a private military unit could become the final pieces in a 60-year plan to reopen a door that should have stayed closed. But what they unleashed could almost tear our world apart.

Release Date: 2019 (UK) | Length: Unknown | Genre: Action, Horror, Sci-Fi | MPAA Rating: Unknown

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