100 Degrees Below Zero (2013)

Director: R.D. Braunstein

Writer(s): H. Perry Horton, Richard Schenkman

Starring: Jeff Fahey, Sara Malakul Lane, Marc Ewins, John Rhys-Davies, Iván Kamarás, Luke Healy, Judit Fekete, Zsófi Trecskó, Fru Roszil, Peter Linka, András Korcsmáros, Tamás Deák, Declan Hannigan, Tamás Lengyel, Zoltan Erdelyi, Csaba Gerner, Lajos Kalmár, Steve Carlson, Gabor F. Gabriel, Maximilian Elfeldt, Andray Johnson, Jordan James Smith, Richard Schenkman, Ross John Gilbert, Livia Bús, Jane Doole, Jabari King, Irina Lyons, Zsuzsa Nyitrai, William Snider

Synopsis: When a chain of volcanic eruptions rips through Europe, the enormous ash cloud blocks out the sun, plunging the continent into a new ice age. An American couple must find their kids and get them out of Paris before it freezes over.

Release Date: April 13, 2013 (USA) | Length: 89 min | Genre: Action, Adventure, Disaster | MPAA Rating: NR


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