A Caribbean Dream (2017)

Director: Shakirah Bourne

Writer(s): Shakirah Bourne, Melissa Simmonds, William Shakespeare (play)

Starring: Adrian Green, Susannah Harker, Sam Gillett, Jherad Alleyne, Marina Bye, Aden Gillett, Sonia Williams, Patrick Michael Foster, Lorna Gayle, Keshia Pope, Tiffany Skinner, Shakira Forde, Kaya Bellori, Shannon Arthur, Simon Alleyne, Angelo Lascelles, Ishiaka McNeil, Matthew Murrell, Asha Benn (Woman eating bread & Two), Jamari Benn, Jaquan Benn, Ahwe Birdman, Mikkel Broby, Ursel Farier, Shakir Gilkes (Rum Drinker 1), Naomi Graham (Water Mama), Yolander Holder, Don Husbands, Levi King, Jack Lewis, Frank McClean (Rum Drinker 3), Neil Moore (Rum Drinker 2), Marcus Myers (Fairy To Oberon / Gardener 1), Andre Parris (Haughty waiter), Rhaj Paul, Samuel Routley (Fairy To Oberon / Gardener 2), Anthony Troulan (Egeus ), Neil Waithe

Synopsis: This beautiful re-imagining of Shakespeare’s magical fairy tale “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is set modern day, under a full moon and during a Caribbean Festival.

Release Date: January 14, 2017 (Barbados) | Length: 82 min | Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy | MPAA Rating: Unknown

Note: Premiered at the Barbados Independent Film Festival in 2017. I wasn’t able to identify the people with the character names beside them.