Director: Tara Reid

Writer(s): Sholom Gelt, Jason White

Starring: Tara Reid, Yasmine Bleeth, Dennis Rodman, Jesse Jane, Coolio, Insane Clown Posse, Ken Shamrock, Sholom Gelt

Synopsis: Follows the President of the United States along with her key staff who are on a flight back to Washington, D.C., when they receive news that a Zombie apocalypse caused by a new vaccine is rapidly spreading throughout the country.

Release Date: Unknown | Length: Unknown | Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Zombies | MPAA Rating: Unknown | Note(s): Original title:” SFZ Stealth Force Z”. Also known as “Stealth Force Z”. This film is complete and waiting for trailer and release date. Coolio‘s last film. Giving this film another expiration date but if it misses it, I’m moving this to ‘Never Made”.