Attack of the Unknown (2020)

Aug 28, 2020 | Action, General Film, Horror, Sci-Fi

Director: Brandon Slagle

Writer(s): Brandon Slagle, Michael Mahal, Sonny Mahal

Starring: Richard Grieco, Jolene Andersen, Douglas Tait, Robert LaSardo, Tara Reid, Paul Gunn, Gerardo de Pablos, Clay Trimble, Robert Donavan, Johnny Huang, King Jeff, Rich R. Rendon, Elizabeth Noelle Japhet, Charles Solomon Jr., John Molinaro, William ‘Bill’ Connor, Mia ScozzaFave, Matt Christy, Kevin Hager, Kyosuke Mukai, Nick Ford, Alexander Zorn, Jon Vangdal Aamaas, Cira Valenzuela, Jerimiyah Dunbar, Michael Forsch, Ben Stobber, Danny Tesla, Rachael Christenson, Art Freeman, J. Spencer, Dennyann Giambrone, Navin P. Kumar, Mouine Omari, Tamara Solomson, Hans Hernke, Nicholas Kolev, Justin P. Warren, James Dormuth, Mathew Lipisko, Marc Pearce, Mark Pereira, Chris McCoy, Dee Cutrone, Jean Heathen, Jonah Gilkerson, Margo Quinn, John Meacham, Shawnn Morris Slaughter, Aaron Brazier, Robert B. Oliver, Darren Barcomb, Scott Butler, Peter Angelopoulos, Alexander Hauck, Zach Muhs, Thomas Haley, Gino Alfonso, Jay Powski, Ronnie Nanos, Elias Holguin, Tania Fox, Tasha Reign, Chase Christensen, Labrandon Shead, Angelo DiNallo, Michael DiNallo, Raf Adame, Stan Divranos, Olive Divranos, Cheryl Prater, Sherrie Prose, Taylor Re Lynn, BJ Mezek, Paul Bradford, Sinan Alili, Mila Maximova, Jennifer Granger, Al Burke, Macarena Abad, Roberta Sparta, Rachel Ann Mullins, Andrew Brown, Frankie Ray, Nicholas George, Lucas Lee Caldwell, Sélynne Silver, Monica Camey, Kathleen Litteral, Desiree Mitchell, Michaelle LecCaire, Isabelo Pascual, Kevin Teppo, Mallorie Vanghel, James Fattu, Deron Jackson, Mary Ellen Devof, Crystal Marie, Rashawn Simmons, Valencia Gamble, Andrew Costello, Rome Romanne, Joshua Madrid, Mark Hulsey, Christopher S. Begley, Junior J, Callan Ream

Synopsis: Throughout history there have been cases of entire cities disappearing overnight, but no one really knows why. It’s happened throughout the world, as recently as one-hundred years ago in the United States, and it’s also going to happen tonight. LOS ANGELES: a SWAT team transporting a high profile inmate find themselves trapped inside a county detention center as the world burns around them. They have no communication with the outside world, no radios, no television, and no working vehicles. Together they must put aside their differences and band together to escape the mysterious alien forces that are tracking them.

Release Date: August 28, 2020 (Canada) | Length: 103 min | Genre: Action, Horror, Sci-Fi | MPAA Rating: Unknown

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